National newspapers

The Times
The Guardian
Daily Mirror
Daily Mail
Daily Record
Financial Times
The Chronicle
The Scotsman
The Herald
Daily Express
I (from The Independent)
Daily Star
City A.M.
Irish News
The Independent
Mirror Sport
Daily Telegraph
Sun Sport
The Times Sport
Express Sport
Sunday Sport
Daily Telegraph Sport
Metro Sport
Crewe Chronicle
Scottish Daily Mail
Yorkshire Post
The Press And Journal (Highlands & Islands)
The Press And Journal (North-East)
Irish Daily Mail
Coventry Telegraph
Belfast Telegraph
The Sunday Times
Birmingham Post
Glamorgan Gazette
Bangor Mail
Cynon Valley
Buckinghamshire Advertiser
Blackpool Gazette
Weekend Sport
Ayrshire Post
Accrington Observer
The Observer
Sunday People
Daily Star Sunday
Wales On Sunday
The Mail On Sunday
The Rugby Paper
The Football League Paper
Wishaw Press
Daily Post (North Wales)
Nuneaton Telegraph
Caernarfon Herald
Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser
Aldershot News & Mail
First News

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